"What is a Bitcoin?"

"So, What is a Bitcoin?"
Bitcoins are a new form of money. The currency's inception occurred about four years ago. It is not a physical coin that you can hold; (although tangible bitcoins are available on the net. These are imprinted with unique holograms referencing wherever the actual digital unit resides) it is a virtual currency that you keep in an online virtual account, or virtual wallet. 
Official Bitcoin Website 
Wikipedia Bitcoin page                                                           

Acquiring Bitcoins can be achieved in a few ways. The most popular is to register an account at one of the many Bitcoin trading markets and purchase BTC units according to the current market price; MTGox being the most popular so far, trading 80% of the total market with BTC-E coming in second. Options for funding typically include bank transfers or services such as OKPay or PayPal ( many in the community view PayPal and Bitcoin as mortal enemies due to charge back potential amongst other things ). You are going to need a Bitcoin wallet. A free Bitcoin wallet including your own personal address that you're going to need to store any bitcoins, and for the proceeding links can be obtained at blockchain. Keep in mind that web wallets are considered to be less secure than a software wallet. If you end up investing any substantial sum of cash into coin, for the love of god don't store them in a web wallet. If you are sitting on a large stock of BTC, they are to be stored on a machine that is not connected to the internet. Below is a link to a thread that will walk you through the proper way to secure a wallet. 
BitcoinTalk : HOW TO: create a 100% secure wallet 
During their inception you could purchase a single BTC unit for mere pennies USD. In recent months a single unit has skyrocketed to upwards of $1000+ a unit! As you could imagine, this made many early adopters quite happy.

Now, On To Free Coins

Another way to get your feet wet is to acquire free Bitcoins simply by visiting the sites on our homepage. Most of these are called "faucets". Faucets dispense small amounts of coin in pre determined intervals. The idea is to get people new to the currency familiar with the process. All that is needed is an Internet connection and a Bitcoin wallet to receive the payments. Check out Blockchain if you need a wallet.
Aside from faucets, there are sites that provide a bunch of other ways to earn some coin. Completing surveys, watching videos, and surfing advertisers pages are a few more of the other earning opportunities provided in the link lists. 
After a ton of research, I've compiled the collection on our homepage; which I continue to update frequently. If you encounter issues of any kind in ANY of the links; including not getting paid out, please report using the feedback tab. I recently added links to bitcoin gambling sites, as well as as markets where you can buy/sell physical goods with bitcoins. I made sure to take the extra steps to verify the legitimacy of every single site; especially those in the latter of the two categories. 

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