How to Make Money With AdFly.

"To get rich, you have to be making money while you're asleep." 
- David Bailey

Making money with Adfly is something that anybody can do. Monetization is achieved by shortening external links with Adfly. When a user hits the link, they are taken to a quick full page interstitial ad before their intended destination. Adfly then shares a percentage of the advertising revenue with their publishers (you). 
You are not going to become rich by shortening links, but it's an easy way to generate a modest amount of passive cash with little effort. Utilizing social media as a vessel for link shortening can be done even if you don't run a website. Here are a few ways that most anyone that frequents  popular social media websites can get in on the action.

Twitter : Shorten URLs that you may share in tweets.

Facebook : When sharing a URL on Facebook; shorten the link being published.

YouTube : YouTube can generate a ton of action, and is frequently used to generate revenue with Adfly. This is accomplished by publishing shortened links via the video description.

Forums : I'm sure you get the idea at this point.
Get creative and try new things. Hey life is short; if you have a URL to share, why not have it make you some cash in the process :P!
(These tips also apply to CoinURL, which is similar to adfly; but pays in bitcoins.)

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